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Upcycle your kitchen by replacing excisting fronts, sides and top plate

New kitchen in 1 - 2 - 3 versions


Replacing the front panels on an excisting kitchen is very good from an environmental point of veiw. We simply make new versions that fit into the cabinets. It is a shame to replace a high quality model kitchen built to last for decades, just for a new design.


If the kitchen is new or has to be replaced with new cabinets, Interiørprodukter can supply these with front panels. The panels are custom made for the specific kitchen and are easy to mount.


The ultimate kitchen are tailor made customised for the room it will fit into. We make the cabinets, the fronts and the 

table top accordingly to how the customer wants it.

Kitchen project in Bodø

Interiørprodukter made the front panels and the table top for this  kitchen in Bodø. The cabinets are from IKEA Metod series. The front panels and the teble top are made of the same oak creating a feeling of a furniture rather than kitchen components.

Kitchen table top

The project included a table top with integrated cooker and sink. As well as oven and micro-oven integrated in the tall cabinets. We make sure that these components are suited perfectly and easy to install.

The key to make the kitchen project a success is planning. From the very dream of what it could be like to the final installation, it is cruical to think about  functionality, available space and work zones. Not only design and finish.